Friday, August 12, 2011

Miss Ruby Jane Necklace

Donated by Taisia from Tea Party Jewelry.

Item up for auction is the Miss Ruby Jane Necklace. It is a sterling silver heart shaped washer handstamped with "Ruby" on the one side and with a hanging pearl in the center. It comes on an 18 inch sterling silver box chain. It's perfect for keeping precious Miss Ruby Jane always in your heart!

If desired, the winner can choose to have a Swarovski ruby charm in the center instead of the pearl.

The Miss Ruby Jane Necklace will also be available at Tea Party Jewelry with Taisia generously donating ALL proceeds to the Taylor family.

Note: I am so excited about this item and grateful for Taisia who was willing to make it at the last minute for the auction and then who said she would sell them on her site and donate ALL the proceeds to the Taylor's. Isn't it just perfect!


  1. $20 - I would like to buy this for Ani, Danielle, or Sherri

  2. But how can I outbid Lori with such a thought as she had?!!!!

  3. No, no, ignore me! Please keep bidding; I have something else for Ani.

  4. Congratulations,! You are the winner.