Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We needed to send an update on all the doings over the past few weeks. One, as everybody knows, Ruby passed away just a few weeks ago. We already miss her so much. She truly was the sweetest baby ever. Her mission in this life was short, yet powerful and she has wrought so much change. We have heard from thousands of people, all over the world, testifying of a change in their own life because of Ruby. For this we are grateful.

Another source of gratitude has been on the financial front. When I started this blog for my sister and her husband to help cover their bills I really thought if we received a few thousand dollars we would be lucky. The response has been overwhelming! Not only have we been able to cover their medical bills, but also the funeral. At this point we have a surplus of money and have made the decision to start a foundation in Ruby's honor. The Ruby Jane Foundation is currently being incorporated with attorneys who have generously donated their time and money to make it happen. All of the money that has been donated will flow directly to medical bills, funeral expenses, and then to the foundation. The foundation is something we feel excited about, Ani has been able to focus on this and help her in the healing process, and we feel like we have a vehicle to continue baby Ruby's legacy. As we formulate goals and mission statements we know that the foundation's two primary goals can be summarized as follows:

1. To enact legislation that makes organ donation easier for families and provides a time for an educated decision to be made

2. Raise awareness for organ donation through our annual "Run for Ruby"

If you have any questions regarding any of this or your donation you can email We are inundated right now with emails but will eventually be able to respond.

We would encourage you to continue to donate to this worthy cause and help save lives.

Lastly, thank you. My entire family has been forever touched and changed by the hundreds of people who have donated time, talents, and money to help lessen the burden in some way. This is truly a challenge we thought we would never have to face but each small kind act on Ruby's behalf, each new organ donor, all help to assuage the pain in some small way.

Please head to our Facebook page and click on the "like" button to receive updates and information on our future activities and annual "Run for Ruby".


Ruby's Family

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