Friday, August 12, 2011

Brown Feather Headband with Pearls, Veiling, and Feathers by I Heart Bella's Bows

Donated by Christie from I Heart Bella's Bows.Item up for auction is one Brown Feather Headband with Pearls, Veiling and Feathers.

This neutral headband is understated glamour! Soft brown/tan petals are layered and placed over brown and black feathers with a accent of dark brown veiling. A trio of pearls nestled in the center of the flower completes the look and is then placed on a chocolate brown skinny headband.

Each headband is backed in super soft felt for added comfort on precious skin.

Please specify a size for a more approximate fit...

Newborn ~ 14"
Infant ~ 15"
Toddler - 5 yrs ~ 16"
Big Girl - Young Adult ~ 17"
Adult ~ 18"